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High-quality wipes for expert cleaning in a healthcare environment

In a healthcare setting, cleanliness is key. Achieving this relies on having proper cleaning supplies that deliver consistent results, especially during the present time. Keeping your employees’ and visitors’ areas clean and safe while ensuring that everything is moving smoothly is easier than ever with Harrison’s.

We have a large range of wipes that are designed to be useful in many environments. They each have different uses to create a more hygienic and comfortable location for everyone in the area. Keeping up with the COVID-19 mandates is much easier with effective cleaning wipes. Our colour-coded wipes are perfect to avoid cross-contamination, while our microfibre wipes are ideal for surfaces that need to be free from bacteria.

No matter what you need, we have a wipe for it.

Harrisons has over 125 years of experience in wiping, making us a trusted and reliable partner for businesses in multiple industries. Our goal is to get you the perfect wipe for your needs and, with our selection, you’re guaranteed to find exactly what you need.

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Hospitals and care homes

We have been supporting hospitals and care homes for years and we know how important a high quality clean can be. Cleanliness is of utmost importance here, making cleaning supplies something important to invest in. Protecting employees and visitors from bacteria and viruses is easier if you keep your workplace disinfected and tidy. These organisations have a wipe they can count on with Harrison’s.

Our products

Everyday Cloths

Highly versatile and absorbent everyday cloths suitable for all of your cleaning routine needs. Our bespoke everyday cloths are ideal for general purpose cleaning and light duty tasks. Everyday cloths can be used across a variety of industries.

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All Purpose Cloths

Cost-effective, lightweight all-purpose cloths to support your everyday, general cleaning tasks. Their unique material ensures effective food and dirt pick-up, as well as excellent absorbency.

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Heavyweight Cloths

High-quality, colour-coded heavyweight cloths for effortless cleaning in the Foodservice and Janitorial industries. This ultra-strong, cloth offers exceptional performance across a variety of applications.

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Bulky Apertured Wipes

Premium, heavy-duty cloths and wipes specially designed for technical wiping requirements in multiple industries. Perfect for cleaning industrial surfaces and components, such as tools, machines and workstations.

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Stronghold Traditional Woven Microfibre Cloths

Versatile, soft woven microfibre cloths, ideal for polishing delicate surfaces. Stronghold’s high-quality microfibre cloths offer maximum performance in wet and dry conditions, for high absorption and effortless wiping.


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Chicopee® Microfibre Light

A premium microfibre cloth that holds 99.9% of bacteria without surface transfer. The Chicopee® Microbfibre Light is a versatile and unique non-woven cloth that is perfect for short-term use.

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Stronghold Polishing Cloth

A soft, non-woven cloth, designed for polishing delicate surfaces. The Stronghold Polishing Cloth is perfect for those polishing tasks that ensure a premium, sparkling finish.

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General purpose cloths

General purpose cloths that are both cost-effective and lightweight for everyday cleaning.

At Harrison Wipes, we have the perfect designed range of general purpose cloths to provide businesses with an efficient solution when managing light duty cleaning tasks.

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Super Heavyweight Cloths

Super heavyweight cloths, colour-coded for easy cleaning in the Foodservice and Janitorial industries.

Upgrade your cleaning routine with Harrison’s ultra-strong, super heavyweight cloth, which performs exceptionally in a variety of applications.

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Chicopee® J-Cloth® Plus

Versatile, lightweight, machine washable and reusable colour coded cleaning cloth

The Chicopee® J-Cloth® Plus is incredibly versatile making it the ideal cleaning solution for a range of different applications.

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Chicopee® J-Cloth® Compostable

Versatile, sustainable and biodegradable cloth, 100% free from plastic

The first and only fully certified biodegradable and compostable colour-coded wipe on the market, the Chicopee® J-Cloth® Plus Biodegradable wipe is a highly versatile cleaning solution perfect for any number of applications. 

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Chicopee® Lavette Super

The highly durable Chicopee® Lavette Super is perfect for picking up food, dirt and bacteria with speed and efficiency

The Chicopee® Lavette Super is a reliable wiping solution for a variety of sectors, featuring a unique open structure to effectively collect dirt and debris. 

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Chicopee® Polish Plus

Chicopee® VeraClean Polish Plus is a bulky, velvet soft polishing cloth, ideal for heavy-duty wiping applications.

Previously known as Ko-Ton®, the Chicopee® VeraClean Polish Plus is a maximum performance polishing cloth that is designed for use in critical environments and on sensitive surfaces.

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Chicopee® Duster Plus

Easy-to-use wipes for effective dirt and dust pick-up creating a high-quality, residue-free, hygienic finish.

The Chicopee® Duster Plus is the ideal cleaning solution for removing all dust, leaving a shiny, disinfected surface. Each Chicopee® Duster Plus features a unique, silicone-free, open structure that captures the dust in the wipe, preventing dust and dirt from spreading.

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Chicopee® Stretch ‘n Dust

Uniquely engineered for superior dust and dirt pickup, leaving a sparkling, hygienic finish

Made up of highly-absorbent viscose fibres, the Chicopee® Stretch ‘n Dust is a strong, flexible wipe, developed specifically for the removal of dust and dirt from floors and surfaces in almost any environment. 

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Sontara® Professional Sanitising Wipes

Premium Sontara® Professional Sanitising Wipes specially designed for killing bacteria and viruses quickly.

Our high-quality Sontara® Professional Sanitising Wipes work most effectively at removing bacteria fast and controlling the spread of viruses.

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