Cleaning your floors

Cleaning your floors

At Harrisons, we know that the biggest surface in your organisation is often your floors – and they demand as much care and attention as any other surface! Whether it’s dusting, mopping or disinfecting to ensure a clear and clean environment, we help you get the best results possible. We work with some of the industry’s top brands to deliver quality and efficiency in wiping, so you always have confidence in your processes.

Our wiping experts work with you to understand your business and your unique challenges. We exist to guide you to a better wiping experience, ensuring your people and your customers are always protected. Get in touch with Harrisons today to start cleaning your floors with confidence.

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Our floor cleaning products

Discover floor cleaning wipes and cloths that offer added protection for your business.

Helping you find a floor wiping solution

Our large catalogue of floor wipes can be a vital part of any long-term solution for your business. We invest in quality and care to guarantee every wipe delivers maximum performance when you need it most.

Whatever your industry, we’re here to help

Our wiping experts have decades of experience supporting businesses across multiple sectors. Whether you’re looking for better cleaning solutions for your janitorial staff or need something more specific for a highly-technical environment, we’re always here to help.

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