Colour-coded wiping

Removing all risk of cross-contamination between different surfaces and areas is a top priority for your business. It’s for this reason we provide an extensive range of premium, colour-coded wipes to suit the unique requirements of any industry. No matter how demanding the environment you work in, we’ll have the wiping solution you need.

At Harrison Wipes, we’ve made it our mission to help clients streamline their cleaning processes, creating valuable cost and productivity efficiencies without ever compromising on the quality of wiping performance. We’ll work closely with you to get a clear understanding of your requirements and then source the best product to match these specifications.

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Our colour-coded wipe products

Explore our range of colour-coded wiping solutions, including traditional woven and microfibre options.

Working to find the right wipe for you

With such a large range of colour-coded products, we’re sure to have the right solution to help your business succeed. We pride ourselves on delivering high-quality wipes that guarantee a perfect finish every time.

Wiping experts across all sectors

We have partnered with businesses in multiple different industries across the UK and Europe. This experience has equipped us with the tools and expertise to help find your business the wiping solution it needs.

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