Complete disinfectant coverage

When it comes to ensuring the removal of viruses and bacteria on your work surfaces, knowing your cleaning products are performing at optimal standards is crucial. The safety of your staff and customers depends upon quick, effective wiping solutions. That’s why we invest heavily in the quality of our wipes, to ensure you get complete disinfectant coverage from the very first wipe.

To help you overcome the unique cleaning challenges your business faces, our team of experts work closely with you, identifying where you need support and sourcing the ideal product to meet that need. Our goal is to keep your staff, your customers and your business protected at all times. Get in touch today to start cleaning with confidence.

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Our disinfectant products

Explore our range of cleaning wipes and cloths that provide complete disinfectant coverage.

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With decades of experience, the team at Harrison Wipes is on hand to give you a premium service and find you the right wiping solution to suit your unique business requirements.

A trusted partner across all industries

Since 1891, we’ve been providing businesses from a number of different sectors with high-quality wipes and cloths. Whatever your cleaning needs, we’ll have the knowledge and products to match.

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