What Wipes Are FCC Approved for HACCP Processes?

What wipes are FCC approved for HACCP processes?

When it comes to products that come into contact with food or are used in food processing and catering environments, certifications like FCC are crucial to following HACCP processes. But what do these approvals mean for the wipe industry, and which wipes ensure compliance? Let’s dive in and explore these important aspects of wipe production.

Understanding FCC approval

FCC stands for ‘food contact certified’, a standard designed to ensure that a product used in the food preparation industry has been tested and deemed safe to be used in environments where they may come into contact with food. 

So, what does FCC approval mean for wipes? Essentially, when a wipe product carries the FCC label, it signifies that the components and chemicals used in the wipes adhere to the strict requirements needed to become food contact certified. This is particularly crucial for wipes that might come into direct or indirect contact with food.

Why is FCC approval important?

Imagine you’re in a food processing plant, and you need to clean surfaces or equipment that are used in the production of food items. The last thing you want is for the wipes you’re using to introduce harmful contaminants into the food chain. FCC-approved wipes provide assurance that this won’t happen. They’ve undergone rigorous testing to confirm that they meet the requirements and safety standards.

Which wipes comply with FCC approval?

Wipes designed for use in the food industry often carry FCC approval. These wipes are specially formulated and manufactured to ensure they do not compromise food health and safety. They are essential in maintaining the cleanliness and hygiene of food processing environments.

Some examples of wipes that commonly carry FCC approval include:

JCL – Chicopee® J-Cloth® Compostable: The Chicopee® J-Cloth® Compostable wipe is incredibly versatile and can be used with a number of different cleaning agents and solvents and with four separate colour-coded options available, the Chicopee® J-Cloth® Compostable wipe is ideal if you need to create a sustainable segregated cleaning solution.

BAW – Bulky Apertured Wipes: available in 4 colour-coded options to prevent the risk of cross-contamination, these wipes ensure a segregated cleaning solution. When it comes to meeting HACCP hygiene standards, BAW cloths are essential.

Now, let’s shift our focus to the HACCP process.

Understanding the HACCP process

HACCP stands for Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points. It is a systematic and preventive approach to food preparation safety that identifies, evaluates, and controls potential hazards throughout the food production process. HACCP is widely used in the food and catering industry to ensure the safety and quality of food products.

When a wipe product is used within the HACCP process, it means that the manufacturer has implemented a HACCP system in their production process to prevent potential hazards associated with the use of wipes in food-related settings.

Why is the HACCP process important?

In food processing environments, maintaining a high level of hygiene is paramount. Contamination or the introduction of foreign substances can lead to foodborne illnesses and product recalls, both of which can have serious consequences for consumers and businesses. FCC-approved wipes are an essential tool in ensuring that food safety standards are met and maintained.

Which wipes comply with the HACCP process?

Wipes used in food processing facilities or environments where food safety is a top priority often must follow HACCP processes. Colour-coded wipes enable them to be used as they are specifically designed to be used in accordance with HACCP processes.

Examples of wipes that comply with HACCP processes include:

EDW – Everyday Cloths: Due to their colour coded designs, our Everyday Cloths are able to make sure HACCP hygiene standards are safely met and cross-contamination is prevented. They are also fully compatible with a range of cleaning agents so you can pair them with the right product to get the job done first-time.

APW – Harrison Hygiene All-Purpose Cloths:  Due to their incredibly versatile design, our all-purpose cloths are suitable for a variety of industries, from janitorial and catering to food service. They are also chemical compatible so you can use them with different cleaning agents, allowing you to get the job done safely and swiftly. Then after use, all you need to do is simply dispose of the cloth.

BAW – Bulky Apertured Wipes: The cloth is available in 4 colour-coded options to prevent the risk of cross-contamination and ensure a segregated cleaning solution. When it comes to meeting HACCP hygiene standards, these colour-coded cloths are essential.

FCC approval and HACCP processes are essential for your business

FCC approval and HACCP processes are vital for the wipe industry, especially in applications related to food and food processing. FCC approval ensures that wipe components meet rigorous purity and quality requirements, while HACCP processes signify that manufacturers have implemented systems to prevent potential hazards in food-related environments. 

When you see FCC approval on wipe products, you can be confident that they play a crucial role in maintaining the safety and cleanliness of the food industry within HACCP processes. So, the next time you reach for a wipe in a food-related setting, remember the importance of FCC approval and HACCP processes in keeping our food safe and our environments clean.

If you would like to learn more about our range of FCC approved, HACCP process wipes, get in touch with us today.