EDW - Everyday Cloths

High-quality products for maximum performance

Hyper Absorbent

Chemical Compatible

Low Linting

FCC Approved

Code Colour Format Width Length Sheets Case Pallet
EDW 02
1/4 Folded 30cm 38cm 1000 20 x 50 63
EDW 04
1/4 Folded 38cm 38cm 500 10 x 50 60
EDW 51
Perforated Roll 25cm 25cm 3000 6 x 500 40
EDW 52
Perforated Roll 25cm 25cm 1000 2 x 500 120

Perfect for all general cleaning

The Everyday Cloth offers a cost-effective and reliable cleaning solution, designed with a single-use lifespan to ensure only the highest hygiene standards are met throughout.  By using our Everyday Cloth you’ll be able to achieve maximum performance and create a more efficient cleaning process. Giving you extra time to focus on the core elements of your business. What’s more, this wipe range is available in a variety of options to suit your surface, no matter if it is glass or stainless steel.

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