Sustainable wiping for your business

Regardless of which industry you operate in, sustainability is becoming more of an important consideration when it comes to choosing products and services. In the field of cleaning and wiping, ensuring that you are using eco-friendly solvents, recycled materials and biodegradable cloths is just one way that you can improve your sustainability credentials.

At Harrison Wipes, we stock an impressive range of sustainable wipes and environmentally-friendly products, specially designed to offer maximum performance without creating unnecessary waste. We work with our partners to offer affordability in our sustainable wiping, reducing harm to the planet without impacting your costs. Discover our range of sustainable wipes today.

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Our sustainable wipe applications

At Harrisons, we value sustainability, which is why we stock and supply wipes that help you reduce waste.

Environmentally- friendly Wiping

As protecting the planet becomes an ever greater priority, ensuring your cleaning practices are environmentally friendly is one surefire way to help the cause. At Harrison Wipes, we aim to make it simple for you to reduce your impact on the environment, without compromising on performance or cost-efficiency.

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Chicopee® J-Cloth® Compostable

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Sustainable industrial wiping

In any industrial environment, it’s more important than ever that sustainability is taken seriously. Our products are designed to offer best-in-class sustainability without compromising on effective wiping. So you can meet your quota and improve your processes in one go.

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Sontara EC® Green

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Championing sustainability across industries

It has been our mission for over 130 years to deliver excellence in wiping, across a number of key sectors and industries. With a commitment to sustainability, we’re here to help your business find the best tools for the job, whilst also contributing to your green credentials.

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