Heat Resistant Wiping

We offer a complete range of heat resistant wipes to ensure the protection and safety of staff across your business. Whether it’s coffee towels for wiping down steam wands, specifically designed cloths for cleaning oven hobs, or something else entirely, we’ve invested in quality manufacturing to ensure maximum safety and performance.

We know that in foodservice and hospitality environments, compliance is key. That’s why we ensure all of our wipes are FCC and HACCP approved, with rigorous testing done to guarantee protection in any and all applications. If you need assistance finding the best heat resistant wipes for your requirements, don’t hesitate to reach out to one of our experts. 

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High-quality heat resistant wipes for any application

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Wiping a hot surface

Cleaning or wiping hot surfaces requires the best wipes for the job – guaranteeing lint and debris does not impact the functionality of your workplace and ensuring that operators are safe at all times. With this in mind, we stock a variety of products to help you get the best results in this application.

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Chicopee® Coffee Towel

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Adding protection for every industry

At Harrisons, we’ve been providing quality in wiping for over 150 years – providing best-in-class performance and protection across multiple sectors. We stock and distribute wipes that perform to every specification, so no matter what you need, our experts can help your business wipe better, and more efficiently.

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