Ensuring your surfaces are bacteria and virus free

When it comes to the preparation of surfaces, especially in foodservice and related industries, you need to guarantee that they remain bacteria and virus free. We don’t have to tell you that your standards, compliance and hygiene rating depend on it! And in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, fulfilling this need is even more important – across multiple sectors.

We offer a variety of products and applications to help you create a clean, bacteria-free environment for your people. At Harrisons, we have years of experience developing and delivering expert solutions to meet the requirements of businesses.

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Bacteria and virus-free wiping applications

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Complete disinfectant coverage

When it comes to ensuring the removal of viruses and bacteria on your work surfaces, knowing your cleaning products are performing at optimal standards is crucial. The safety of your staff and customers depends upon quick, effective wiping solutions. That’s why we invest heavily in the quality of our wipes, to ensure you get complete disinfectant coverage from the very first wipe.

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Sontara® Disinfectant Surface Cleaning Wipes

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Complete anti-bacterial solutions for any industry

Regardless of your industry, the need for clean, virus-free surfaces has never been greater. We’re proud to work with businesses to help them build a better environment for their staff and customers – giving more confidence with every wipe. All backed by 130 years of expertise!

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