Sontara® STS66


Premium Sontara® wiping cloth ideal for industrial environments and technical wiping

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Code Format Width Length Sheets Case Pallet
STS66 01 QF 1/4 Folded 28cm 38cm 400 8 x 50 96 Cases
STS66 13 Interfold Correx Box 28cm 42cm 160 1 x 160
STS66 14 RF Interfold Refill Bags 28cm 42cm 480 6 x 80
STS66 51 PR Perforated Roll 28cm 38cm 400 2 x Rolls 60 Cases

Ideal for critical cleaning and technical wiping, the Sontara® Turquoise Smooth (STS66) can be used in a wide variety of industries: automotive, aerospace, printing, food processing, engineering and manufacturing. 

The Sontara® Turquoise Smooth (STS66) is very low-linting so it will not leave residue fibres behind on surfaces.

The soft smooth texture ensures effective dust and dirt pick-up as well as excellent absorbency of grease and oil.

The Sontara® Turquoise Smooth (STS66) is strong and durable as well as solvent and chemical resistant and contains no chemical binders.

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