ITA - Chicopee® I-Tack Cloths

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Silicone Free

Dust Pick Up

Code Colour Format Width Length Sheets Case Pallet
ITA 23 G 74304
1/4 folded 31cm 43cm 25 20 28
ITA 21 G 74216
1/4 folded 37cm 61cm 50 10 20
ITA 24 G 74305
1/4 folded 31cm 43cm 25 20 28
ITA 22 G 74236
1/4 folded 37cm 61cm 25 16 30

Perfect for any application

The Chicopee® I-Tack cloth range is perfect for a number of technical applications but is specifically designed for surface wiping and tacking. If you work in the auto or aero industry, or if you need assistance with specific applications, we have the wipe for the job.


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    What is The Chicopee® I-tack Range Designed For?

    The Chicopee® I-tack range is specially designed to offer solutions for every dust removal job. Containing three variants of tack cloth, each with a different structure and tack level. The three different variants of the I-Tack range have excellent dust pick-up to remove all dust and dirt particles from any surface. So, for each application, we offer the perfect solution!

    Are Chicopee® Tack Cloths Suitable for All Paint Types?

    Yes! Whilst other tack cloths and tack wipes are normally only suitable for one kind of paint, and therefore limit the use and performance, Chicopee® tack cloths are designed to swiftly and cleanly remove ALL contaminants prior to painting and contain a water-based tackifier, so are compatible with all paint types.

    Can Tack Wipes Be Used in Any Industry?

    That’s right, tack cloths and wipes can be fundamental to the smooth and efficient operation of any business, in any industry. That’s why we invest in quality and care to guarantee every wipe delivers maximum performance when you need it most.

    How Do I Know Which Tack Cloth is Right for My Business?

    To guarantee you get the best tack cloths for your unique needs, we work with you to understand your business and your challenges. Our experts offer unparalleled advice to ensure you’re always investing in the right product and delivering quality for your staff and your customers. We pride ourselves on the results we produce, so if you’re ever unsure of what wipe you need, get in touch with us.

    Are Your Tack Cloths Suitable For Surface Preparation Before Cleaning?

    We invest in quality products to ensure every single one of our tack wipes deliver maximum performance every time they are used. If you are preparing a surface for painting, we can provide you with a suitable wiping solution that you can rely on for every application.

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