Quality non-woven wipes from Chicopee, provided by Harrisons

At Harrisons, we are proud partners of Chicopee® wipes, having worked closely with the brand for over 25 years. Together, we have established Chicopee as a go-to provider of high-quality wipes and cloths across the UK, synonymous with care and reliability – regardless of sector or application.

We stock a wide range of wipes for a variety of environments, ensuring you can always find the right Chicopee® wipe for your needs. From compostable J-Cloths to microfibre cloths and heavy-duty wipes, we have everything you need to support your cleaners and deliver better performance. Want to know more about Chicopee’s® range? Speak to a Harrisons expert to discuss your requirements, and we’ll source the best solution for the job.

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Advanced technology for improved performance

  • A leading provider of nonwoven materials
  • A trusted and respected brand with a history of quality
  • A wide range of wipes and cloths for every sector
  • Direct partnership for quality support

Harrisons and Chicopee®: Committed to quality

At Harrisons, we are proud to be a close, trusted partner of Chicopee® Wipes. We are an exclusive provider of their entire range, helping the brand to reach businesses that need it most, and working together to deliver premium performance in wiping. By combining our expertise and experience in the industry, we offer a complete range for nearly every sector, helping small businesses, agencies, and enterprises get the quality they need, whilst remaining cost-efficient. If you’re looking for advice or guidance on how best to utilise Chicopee® Wipes, you can rest assured that Harrisons has the know-how and the understanding to help you.

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Delivering quality in multiple sectors

With a distinguished and respectable history in the UK wiping market, Chicopee® offers a wide variety of wipes for practically any sector. If you need low-lint wipes for industrial applications or janitorial solutions for your business, Harrisons are here to ensure you always get the right product. Check out which sectors we support to find your perfect wipe.

Chicopee® solutions

When it comes to wiping right, we know that it’s not always as easy as it seems – especially in highly-technical environments. Chicopee® has an extensive product range that is able to meet the needs of every business. If you need a wiping solution that works, discover how the partnership between Harrisons and Chicopee® can support you.

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    Sustainability from Chicopee®

    As a brand and partner, Chicopee® is fully dedicated to sustainability and creating more customer choice when it comes to wiping. Chicopee® and its parent company have robust sustainability measures in place, ranging from investment in environmentally friendly practices, carbon offsetting schemes and a set of core values that champion sustainability across the board. These values are shared by Harrisons, as we look to impart more sustainable choices for our customers.


    Chicopee® has a number of key sustainable products within their range, enabling you to make choices about your purchase and add to your own sustainable measures. For more information, be sure to speak to one of our consultants.

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