Sustainable Industrial Wiping

In an industry where sustainability is of paramount importance, you need to find cleaning solutions that help to fulfil greener processes. This means not only using environmentally friendly chemicals but also reusable and recyclable cleaning tools. Deploying a sustainable industrial wiping solution will enable your enterprise to reduce waste removal costs, complete your green practice and secure a greener future.

As experts in cleaning we offer sustainable wiping solutions perfectly suited for all industrial environments from automotive factories right the way through to aerospace hangars. So regardless of the surface you need to sanitise, we’ll provide you with the best possible sustainable product. Check out our range below or contact one of our professionals today for expert advice and support.

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Our sustainable industrial wiping solutions

Take a look at our full range of sustainable industrial wiping solutions, ideal for a wide variety of applications.


Sontara EC® Green

Reusable and biodegradable, for a more sustainable clean that doesn’t compromise on quality.

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Providing your business with a greener future

Our sustainable industrial wiping product range is designed to help you become greener with your cleaning practice, while helping to reduce costs and maintain exceptional hygiene levels in your workspace.

Supporting businesses in every industry

With our extensive experience in delivering sustainable industrial wiping solutions to organisations across the UK and Europe, we know how to find the right wipe for your business’ needs. Whatever industry you are in, we’d like to help.

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