Sealant Wiping

Sealant Wiping

At Harrisons, we understand that you rely on the highest quality wipes for your business. Our wipes are ideal when for when you are working with adhesives or sealants, providing the perfect wiping solution and ensuring a perfect finish no matter which sector. We pride ourselves in supporting a variety of businesses with our range of expert wipes and cloths for a wide range of applications.

Our top-quality sealant wipes are made especially for jobs using adhesives across different environments. They’re perfect for many industries, including automotive or aerospace. The wipes’ unique, durable design ensures a smoother process by retaining sealant in the wipe as it’s being used to ensure the worker’s safety. Check out our range of products below or contact one of our experts for additional help.

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Our sealant wipes

Explore our range of sealant wipes, ideal for various applications.

Helping your business find the right wiping solution

Sealant wipes enhance cleaning processes, allowing your business to provide higher quality services while reducing expenses. Our products are made to deliver high-quality results, guaranteeing excellent cleaning performance with every use.

Supporting businesses across every industry

Using decades of experience, we’ve made it our mission to provide the best cloths and wipes throughout multiple sectors across the UK and Europe. We’ll find the perfect sealant wipes for your business no matter what industry you’re in. 

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