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Our degreasing wipes and cloths are specifically made for removing heavy oils, tough grime and other solvents from surfaces across different environments. With their highly absorbent and durable design, degreasing wipes ensure a quicker cleaning process by wiping surfaces properly, first-time. So, whether you need to prepare your work station, clean your hands of adhesives or soak up other residue from your equipment, our degreasing wipes offer effective results with every application.

Our high-quality degreasing wipes range can be applied in industrial, automotive, aerospace and many other sectors to help improve efficiency across multiple sectors. From making sure any grease, oil or dirt is picked up in just one wipe, to offering increased strength and tear-resistance, we help minimise disruption to your business operations and ultimately help you save money in the long run. Check out our range of wiping products below or get in touch with one of our degreasing wipe experts today. 

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Choose from our premium degreasing wipes range – perfect for a diverse range of applications.

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Degreasing wipes provide a fast alternative for cleaning in multiple environments, allowing you to boost productivity and improve the hygiene levels of your organisation. When choosing our products, you can expect the finest quality, with maximum results delivered every time.

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It is our focus to provide effective degreasing wipes for every sector, ensuring that everyone has access to the right cleaning products when it’s needed most. Our expert teams have a wealth of experience in helping businesses throughout the UK and Europe, finding them innovative and value-added products to solve their cleaning problems.

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    Do You Supply Degreasing Wipes to The Aerospace Industry?

    Yes we do. Manufactured to deliver effective results every time, our premium aerospace-approved (AMS) degreasing wipes are the ultimate cleaning solution. Regardless of where your business sits within the supply chain, we have a range of degreasing wipes to help your business remain safe and compliant at all times. 

    Are Your Degreasing Wipes Environmentally Friendly?

    Yes, the Solvent-resistant and highly absorbent, the Sontara EC® Green wipes are! Made from 100% cellulosic material, not only is it biodegradable, but it is also highly durable, in both wet and dry applications. This allows for multiple reuses of the same wipe before having to throw it away. Our team of degreasing wipe experts can also work closely with you to source the right solution for your unique requirements.

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