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Microfibre - Stronghold Traditional Woven Cloths


Versatile, soft woven microfibre cloths ideal for polishing delicate surfaces

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Microfibre Cloths are extremely versatile and can be used both wet and dry.

Offering a high absorption capacity and speed, microfibre cloths provide an effortless cleaning solution.

With no labels, they easily clean glass and stainless steel surfaces, as well as collecting dust, dirt and food. Microfibre cloths are machine washable and re-usable for a longer life-span.

The mechanical cleaning action of microfibres easily allows the tiny fibres to trap and hold dust and dirt particles without transferring them to other surfaces.

The dirt particles stay locked inside the microfibre cloth until washed in hot water, which loosens the fibre’s grip and releases the contents.

Our microfibre cloths are label free so they won't leave scratches on surfaces.

Machine washable and reusable.

Available in 4 colours - Blue, Red, Green and Yellow.

2 weights - Plus 230gsm and Pro 300gsm

Please note: woven microfibre cloths are not Food Contact Clearance (FCC) approved.

For samples or more information please contact us on 01708 377330 or email us.