SWS55 93 - Sontara® Professional Sanitising Wipes

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High Abrasion Resistance

High Strength

Low Linting

Code Colour Format Width Length Sheets Case Pallet
SWS55 93
Roll in bucket 17.2cm 20cm 460 1x460 40

Perfect for cleaning in any application

Sontara’s® premium solution is the ultimate wiping product and is able to kill bacteria and viruses quickly and effectively to ensure the best quality hygiene standards for your business. Designed to meet the demands for all sector cleaning requirements, this wipe provides excellent sanitising performance enabling you to clean with confidence.


How Effective are Sanitising Wipes?

Sanitising wipes are extremely effective at producing clean, hygienic surfaces in any environment. Designed as a wet wipe, they ensure an even distribution of disinfectant across the surface you are cleaning, resulting in a clean, sanitised area. Our Sontara® Professional Sanitising Wipes are incredibly effective, killing up to 99.9% of microbes, including COVID-19, Flu, HIV, E. coli and SARS-CoV-2. The Sontara® Professional Sanitising Wipe adheres to a number of key EN Standards, ensuring it is one of the best wipes on the market. It is guaranteed to eliminate bacteria from dirty surfaces in 2 minutes.

Can the Sontara® Professional Sanitising Wipes Range be Used in any Environment?

Yes, the Sontara® Professional Sanitising Wipes have been tested in a number of real-world environments to exacting standards. They have been proven to deliver outstanding performance in both clean and dirty environments. So, whether you are using them in a healthcare setting, in a restaurant or in an office, you are certain to get the results you want.

Are Sontara® Professional Sanitising Wipes Safe to Use on all Surfaces?

Yes, Sontara® Professional Sanitising Wipes are safe to use on even the most delicate or critical of surfaces. These wipes are both alcohol and quat-free, meaning they won’t cause any damage to surfaces. You can rest assured knowing that, even after multiple uses, your surfaces will be safe from degradation. What’s more, they are certified to meet EN1276, EN14476, EN16615, and EN1650 standards, guaranteeing excellent results.

How Do I Know Which Sanitising Wipe is Right for My Business?

Finding the right sanitising wipe solution for your business is crucial to keeping your staff safe and ensuring your work environments are clean and productive. Our team of experts are here to help you find the wiping solution that meets your sanitising requirements. We’ll work closely with you to understand the challenges you are facing and will then determine which sanitising wipes will ensure the best results for you.

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