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Sontara® AC


Sontara® AC™ Aircraft Wipes

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Sontara® AC AMS (Aircraft Material Specification) aerospace grade wipes feature performance advantages ideal for aerospace manufacturing and maintenance, yet they’re also great for a wide range of other important applications.

They enable the critical cleaning essential to industries like biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, electronics, and power generation—and are equally effective in applications like machining operations, preparation for coatings application, and military weapons maintenance.

Due to the fibre composition, Sontara® aerospace grade wipes are ideal for wiping surfaces dry and contain no additives that hinder absorbency.

Sontara® AC wipes resist snagging and tearing and are strong and durable for reuse.

Low-linting, Sontara® AC wipes will not leave debris behind on surfaces.

Sontara® AC wipes easily tackles isopropyl alcohol, MEK, MPK, and other aggressive solvents without falling apart.

The wipes are suitable for a wide variety of applications including surface preparation before coating, sealant, or adhesive application, weapon systems maintenance and laboratories and production areas.

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