I-Tack Cloths


Chicopee® VeraClean I-Tack - Swiftly cleans and removes contaminants prior to painting

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Code Format Width Length Sheets Case Pallet
ITA 21 G 74126 1/4 Folded 61cm 37cm 500 10 x 50
ITA 22 G 74236 1/4 Folded 61cm 37cm 400 16 x 25
ITA 23 74304 1/4 Folded 43cm 31cm 500 20 x 25
ITA 24 G 74305 1/4 Folded 43cm 31cm 500 20 x 25

Chicopee® VeraClean I-Tack cloths are designed especially for the automotive market.

The low-linting design of the Chicopee® VeraClean I-Tack makes it ideal for advanced dust removal, working in co-operation with all paint types to ensure a clean finish free of lint and other residues.

Chicopee® VeraClean I-Tack provides excellent dust and dirt pick up and is compatible with all paint technologies.

  • Dust and dirt particles are trapped prior to painting
  • Surfaces are left smear and scratch free
  • Skin friendly
  • Odourless
  • Solvent free
  • Simple and safe to use on all types of paint technology
  • Available in 3 different weights: I-Tack, I-Tack Plus and I-Tack Super
  • 2 sizes available depending on your application requirements

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