All Purpose Janitorial Cleaning & Wiping Cloths

General Cleaning Products

Stretch 'n Dust

Chicopee® - Superior dust and dirt pickup due to the oil impregnation and stretch technology

Duster Anti Static Wipes

Chicopee® - Low-lint, antistatic cloths ideal for advanced dust removal

All Purpose Lightweight Cloths

Every day, general purpose cleaning cloth, ideal for light duty tasks.

Heavy Weight Colour Coded Cloths

Strong, durable and absorbent to provide effortless cleaning

Heavy Duty Wipes

Strong, durable and super absorbent heavy duty wipes. Ideal for heavy duty cleaning requirements

Microfibre Light

Chicopee® Microfibre Light traps and holds 99.998% of bacteria without transferring between surfaces

Microfibre Plus

Chicopee® - Non-Woven 100% microfibre cloth with dry at once technology for a smear free finish

Sontara® Disinfectant Surface Cleaning Wipe

Made with 70% ethanol to disinfect surfaces

J-Cloth® Biodegradable & Compostable

100% compostable and free from plastic!

J-Cloth® Plus

Chicopee® J-Cloth® Plus - Lightweight, machine washable and reusable cleaning cloth

Lavette Super

Chicopee® Lavette Super

Easi-Wipes® Steadfast All Purpose Wipes

Easi-Wipes Steadfast All Purpose

Easi-Wipes® Strong White

Strong White

Sontara® SWS51

Premium wiping cloth, ideal for critical cleaning and technical wiping

All Purpose Lightweight Centrefeed Dispenser Box

APW - Every day, general purpose cleaning cloth, ideal for light duty tasks in a handy centrefeed roll dispenser box

Fluid Mopping System

Chicopee® short term use microfibre mops for increased hygiene

Super Heavy Weight

Extreme heavy duty, tear-resistant wiping cloth