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 Whenever you're cleaning or wiping in the food service industry, it’s more important than ever that you have the right tools for the job. Whether it’s segregated, colour-coded cloths that help teams determine what can be used where, heavy-duty wipes that are built to tackle spillages or even technical wipes for highly-specified purposes, we offer a range of solutions that can suit your requirements.

Our food safe wipes are FCC and can be used to support your HACCP procedures, ensuring that you get a clean, hygienic finish without the risk of cross-contamination from surface to surface. We also offer antibacterial cloths that inhibit the growth of bacteria that can help make them last longer. With the right wipe, you can help to keep your customers and staff safe across all environments.


Applications for food service wipes

Our specified range of wipes can be used in a number of applications across the food service industry:

  • Food preparation – We offer a variety of strong, durable and chemical-compatible wipes that are ideal for wiping down food preparation services. This helps keep areas clean and safe for everyone.
  • Cafes – Our high-specification coffee towels are ideal food safe wipes for this industry, assisting in the cleaning and maintenance of coffee machines. These heat-resistant cloths reduce the spread of bacteria and ensure your machine operates effectively.
  • Janitorial – Our food service wipes are perfect for technical applications, as well as general janitorial purposes. Their high-quality design ensures that they provide consistent performance even after multiple uses – saving you time and money on regular cleans.


Want to learn more about our range of food safe wipes for the hospitality industry? Our friendly team has all the information to help you choose the right food service wipes as well as useful advice for quotations or samples.

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At Harrison Wipes, we have been a market-leading supplier of food service wipes for decades. Our relationships with some of the world’s top manufacturers have enabled us to deliver consistent quality to our customers, ensuring that you have the right wipe for all of your requirements.

Our independent, family-run business has been at the head of innovation for over 125 years, giving us the tools we need to help your organisation achieve more. If you’re looking for the very best in wiping solutions, you know what to expect from Harrison Wipes.