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When it comes to high-intensity, production environments, we understand that time is money. Whether it’s finishing newly-built elements, cleaning tools and machinery, or simply wiping down surfaces to keep them clean and clear, you need aerospace grade wipes that meet your requirements consistently. 

Our range of wipes – from low-linting aerospace wipes that are perfect for first-time finishing, to heavy-duty wipes for clearing grease and spillages – are designed to make your organisation more efficient. Each product removes the need for multiple cleans, ensuring a first-time pass, and eliminating any reruns in production. Not only does this save your workers time on the job, it also keeps costs down.

We understand that when it comes to this sector, you require aerospace grade wipes of the highest specification – so you can have confidence with every use. Our wipes guarantee a high performance from start to finish, allowing your staff to meet the unique challenges of the industry whilst adding value to the business.


Applications for aerospace wipes

We have a range of aerospace grade wipes for use across your organisation:

  • Low-lint wiping – Perfect for finishing jobs, these ultra low-lint wipes will leave no debris, ensuring that nothing is held up in the production line.

  • Heavy-duty wiping – Strong, durable, and abrasive resistant aerospace wipes designed to provide consistent wiping in a number of industrial environments.

  • Technical Wiping – Our range of delicate, soft wipes are perfect for technical cleaning jobs, ensuring dirt and debris is cleared with no smears or scratches.

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We have been a market-leading supplier of aerospace wipes for decades. Our relationships with some of Europe’s top manufacturers has enabled us to deliver consistent quality to our customers, ensuring your needs are met from the first wipe to the last.

Our independent, family-run business has been at the head of innovation for over 125 years, giving us the tools we need to help your organisation achieve more. When you choose a wipe from Harrisons, you know that you’ll get a quality service.