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Heavy Duty Wipes


Strong, durable and super absorbent heavy duty wipes. Ideal for heavy duty cleaning requirements

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Heavy duty wipes specially designed for the most difficult of cleaning requirements - suitable for every industry.

In partnership with some of our most trusted brands, we’ve curated a high-quality range of heavy duty wipes and cloths to suit numerous industries and support individual applications. Our heavy duty wipes come packed with excellent absorption, cleaning agent compatibility and resistance to tearing. Paired with the fact that these heavy duty wipes are machine washable, you’ll be able to tackle any oil, grease or spills over and over again without added expenditures - keeping your work surfaces clean and clear at all times.

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Increased Strength and Absorbency

The apertured texture of our heavy duty cloths ensure that food, dirt or dust particles are collected easily and on the first time – allowing you to get on with the larger jobs at hand. Additionally, our cloths are available in a range of colours to help your business meet the HACCP’s standards of hygiene.

Why choose heavy duty wipes?

Our premium heavy duty wipes have a specially engineered material which is made with a strong, abrasive, textured fabric. This makes them ideal for removing stubborn grime and debris surfaces and tools. The enhanced fabric ensures increased absorbency and tear resistance, ensuring superior results with every use.

The benefits of premium heavy duty wipes:

  • Excellent absorption properties
  • An eco-friendly cleaning solution
  • Compatible with a wide range of cleaning agents
  • Colour coded to support your business in meeting the HACCP hygiene standards
  • Easy dirt pick up
  • High-durability
  • Antibacterial properties that help inhibit the growth of bacteria on the cloth

What are heavy duty wipes designed for?

Heavy duty wipes are extremely versatile and suitable for cleaning all different industrial components, including tools, machines, workstations to critical surfaces. This is useful for keeping factories or warehouses safe and maintaining good cleanliness.

Who can use heavy duty wipes?

If you’re a business owner or procurement manager looking for technical wiping solutions, heavy duty wipes are an easy to use cleaning product for scrubbing off harsh adhesives, oils or stains from skin and equipment – allowing you to get your jobs done more efficiently.

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Heavy Duty Wipe FAQs

  • How should heavy duty wipes be used?Heavy duty wipes are chemical compatible which means once they are paired with the right cleaning agent, you can use them for sanitising and keeping all industrial areas clean. Whether you have a solvent spillage or paint stain to remove, heavy duty wipes are designed to absorb the toughest of grime and dirt. Their excellent pick-up technology is also perfect for lifting stubborn adhesives, oils and sealants from machinery and critical surfaces.
  • Are heavy duty wipes reusable?Yes! Our heavy duty wipes are machine washable and easy to rinse. So you can reuse them again and again while creating less waste behind you.

A Trusted Partner

As a leading supplier of Chicopee®, Easi-Wipes® and Sontara® products, Harrison Wipes understands what it means to provide quality solutions that deliver. From highly-durable heavy duty wipes for industrial application to a range of alternative wiping solutions for all requirements.

Our family-run business has been leading innovation for over 125 years, giving us knowledge and expertise to help organisations throughout the UK. So you know that when you choose Harrison Wipes, you’ll get a premium service to remember.