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Everyday Lightweight Cloths


Every day, general purpose cleaning cloth, ideal for light duty tasks.

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Lightweight and cost-effective cloths for a variety of applications

Finding a lightweight cloth to suit your cleaning solutions might seem like a simple task, but at Harrison Wipes we understand there are so many options to choose from - which makes it more complicated than you would like. That’s why our partnered manufacturers have designed an Everyday Lightweight Cloth that is perfect for various applications, such as; janitorial, food services and general cleaning.

Our cloths are apertured to ensure efficient food and dirt pick-up, allowing you to get the job done well in a matter of minutes. To ensure that hygiene standards are met throughout, Everyday Lightweight Cloths are clearly colour coded so that there is no confusion and they are also compatible with a wide range of cleaning agents. Whether it’s rolled or folded, these wipes are here to keep things simple yet effective at all times.

Applications for Everyday Lightweight Cloths

Our bespoke range of lightweight cloths can be used across a range of applications and industries:

  • Janitorial - Our lightweight cloths are designed to pair with any cleaning agent to ensure swift cleaning with excellent efficiency. The colour-coded variety ensures that any cross-contamination is avoided and the environment is kept spotless.
  • Food service - Hygiene standards have always been a priority and our cloths are here to help. Designed to avoid any cross-contamination with a colour-coded variety and a single-use lifespan, they’ll ensure you meet the HACCP standards of hygiene.
  • General cleaning - Lightweight cloths are the perfect companion for any and all cleaning procedures. Keep it simple with a highly-compatible cloth with excellent dirt and food pick-up.


If you’re looking for an all-purpose, lightweight wipe to meet the requirements of your daily cleaning procedures, then be sure to browse our bespoke range. Alternatively, if you’d like to speak to an expert to determine what wipe is right for your business or order a sample, get in touch with one of our experts!
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A Trusted Partner

At Harrison Wipes we’ve partnered with leading manufacturers to become the foremost supplier of lightweight cloths across the UK and beyond! From cost-effective, specially-apertured cloths to technical cleaning wipes, our comprehensive range of products ensures you get the right wipe for your needs every time.

Our family-run business has been leading innovation for over 128 years, giving us knowledge and expertise to help organisations across the industrial sector. To complement our own range, we’re also the trusted partner of the leading, global brands: Chicopee® and Sontara®. From all-purpose cleaning wipes to high spec industrial wipers, we have the right solution for every requirement.