High Quality Specialist Wipes

Chicopee® Products

J-Cloth® Biodegradable & Compostable

100% compostable and free from plastic!

Microfibre Light

Chicopee® Microfibre Light traps and holds 99.998% of bacteria without transferring between surfaces

Microfibre Plus

Chicopee® - Non-Woven 100% microfibre cloth with dry at once technology for a smear free finish

J-Cloth® Plus

Chicopee® J-Cloth® Plus - Lightweight, machine washable and reusable cleaning cloth

Lavette Super

Chicopee® Lavette Super

Coffee Towel

Chicopee® - Heat resistant cloth, specially designed for the coffee industry

Duster Anti Static Wipes

Chicopee® - Low-lint, antistatic cloths ideal for advanced dust removal

Fluid Mopping System

Chicopee® short term use microfibre mops for increased hygiene

Stretch 'n Dust

Chicopee® - Superior dust and dirt pickup due to the oil impregnation and stretch technology

Original J-Cloth® (Wholesale)

The Original J-Cloth® for Wholesale and Retail


Create your own wet wipe dispensing system on site

I-Tack Cloths

Chicopee® VeraClean I-Tack - Swiftly cleans and removes contaminants prior to painting

Veraclean Critical Cleaning Plus Wipe

Chicopee® Veraclean Critical Cleaning Plus Wipe gives you the “dry at once” effect.

Cleanroom Wipes

Chicopee® VeraClean Cleanroom wipes are designed for areas where critical cleaning is imperative

Polish Plus

Chicopee® VeraClean Polish Plus is a bulky, velvet soft polishing cloth

Multipurpose Super

Chicopee® VeraClean Multipurpose Super - Designed for efficient cleaning of machinery parts and components


Provides the perfect solution for all light industrial tasks.