Low Lint Wiping Products

Easi-Wipes® Steadfast Lite

Lightweight, low-Linting wipe that provides strength and absorption

Easi-Wipes® Steadfast Pro

Extremely Low-Linting Heavy Duty Industrial Wipe

Easi-Wipes® Steadfast Plus

Strong, absorbent wipes that easily wipe away grease, oil and dirt

Easi-Wipes® Steadfast All Purpose

Easi-Wipes Steadfast All Purpose

Sontara® STS66

Premium Sontara® wiping cloth ideal for industrial environments and technical wiping

Sontara® SWS68

Premium soft, low-linting wipe ideal for a range of industry applications

Sontara® SWS51

Premium wiping cloth, ideal for critical cleaning and technical wiping

Sontara® STC69

Premium, low-linting cloths ideal for technical wiping requirements

Sontara® Disinfectant Surface Wipe

Made with 70% ethanol to disinfect surfaces

Sontara® STA75

Strong and durable cloths specifically designed to meet the needs of the industrial sector

Easi-Wipes® Strong TQ

Strong and durable, low-lint industrial wipe

Easi-Wipes® Strong White

Strong White

Microfibre Light

Chicopee® Microfibre Light traps and holds 99.998% of bacteria without transferring between surfaces

Meltblown Wipes

Stronghold Meltblown (Crowsfoot | Spirit Wipe)

Stronghold Polishing Cloth

Soft texture clot designed for polishing delicate surfaces

Cleanroom Wipes

Chicopee® VeraClean Cleanroom wipes are designed for areas where critical cleaning is imperative

Duster Anti Static Wipes

Chicopee® - Low-lint, antistatic cloths ideal for advanced dust removal

Fluid Mopping System

Chicopee® short term use microfibre mops for increased hygiene