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We understand that dust and dirt build-up are inevitable on every kind of hard, smooth floor or surface. Whilst not only unattractive, dust and dirt are unhygienic and may be the cause of allergies or more serious health and safety problems.
Our range of impregnated dry floor wipes are incredibly effective at cleaning hard surfaces in one wipe, meaning your team can spend less time cleaning one spot, or using multiple wipes when just one will do! At Harrison Wipes, we have over 125 years’ experience in providing the very best wipes for a variety of industries. That’s why we’re confident that our selection of dry floor wipes will provide an excellent solution for dust and dirt control.
What mop can I use dry floor wipes with?
Our superior dry floor wipes are compatible with a range of mops, including flat swivel mops and electrostatic mops systems. What’s more, they are easily replaceable and effective for cleaning all types of hardwood flooring, laminate flooring, tiles and vinyl.
Are dry floor wipes effective?
By using dry floor wipes as part of your cleaning routine, you’ll be able to remove dirt, dust and hair more thoroughly. This is due to the textured material which is specially engineered with a unique 3D structure and stretch technology to help quickly trap debris as you clean it away.

Check out their advantages over traditional cleaning cloths:

  • Best-in-class dust and dirt pickup, with innovative oil impregnation and stretch technology.
  • Disposability significantly reduces the risk of cross contamination between applications.
  • Environmentally friendly (PEFC accredited and made from renewable resources).
  • Leave a polished finish, reducing the need for costly rotary machines.


Applications for dry floor wipes

Dry floor wipes provide excellent cleaning capacity in a number of critical environments, with their inherent strength and durability making them highly-adaptable – easily suiting your needs. 

  • Janitorial – Whether it’s a school, office building or food service establishment, dry floor wipes are a durable solution that get the job done right, first time.
  • Healthcare & Medical – In hygienic cleaning environments, it’s vitally important that surfaces are clear and clean. The superior dust and dirt pick up ensures that no residue is left and staff and patients stay safe.
  • Facilities Management – Resealable packs mean that our wipes can be transported quickly and safely across sites. Great for easy storage.


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Dry Floor Wipes FAQs

  • How do you dispose of dry floor wipes? – Once your dry floor wipe has become filled with dirt, it is important to dispose of it safely after use to reduce the risk of cross contamination. Simply remove the dry floor wipe from the area and throw it away in the bin.
  • How do you use dry floor wipes? – Dry floor wipes can be used to clean various types of hard, smooth flooring or surface. Simply attach the dry floor wipe to your chosen mopping system and clean your desired area. When the wipe is completely covered, remove it from the mop and dispose into a bin. 

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Harrison Wipes is a leading supplier of Chicopee® and Sontara® products. From strong, durable dry floor wipes to cloths for critical cleaning, our stock ensures we can meet your specific requirements.

Our family-run business has been leading innovation for over 125 years, giving us knowledge and expertise to help organisations throughout the UK. We’re been a trusted partner of major brands for years – so you know that when you choose Harrison Wipes, you’ll get a quality service.