Green Cleaning Solutions That Don't Cost The Earth

Climate change and the effect of single use plastic and other non-recyclable products are high on everyone’s list of concerns right now and because of this, most of us are consciously looking for ways to 'go greener' and do our bit for the environment. Many of us are switching to environmentally friendly chemicals, but haven't necessarrily thought about the cleaning tool itself. That’s why, we thought it important to highlight a number of ways you can be greener with your cleaning practice.

Benefits to using sustainable cleaning products:

  • Lower waste removal costs. Using a cloth that can be recycled or discarded in your household food waste bin like the Chicopee® J-Cloth® Plus Biodegradable (certified compostable EN 13432), means that your waste removal costs will be dramatically lowered compared to that of your general waste. In fact in many occasions, recycling is collected at no cost as an incentive for us to be more environmentally friendly. 
  • Complete your green practise. If you're already using environmentally friendly chemicals and green waste bags, then using an environmentally friendly cleaning tool is the ideal way to complete your mix.
  • Less ends up in landfill. Whether you opt for a biodegradable and compostable cloth, or a reusable cloth, the end result is that less product ends up in landfill.
  • Lower cost per use. When using a reusable wipe, the cost per use is also reduced making it more econoimical in the long run. 
  • A greener future. J-Cloth® Plus Biodegradable is also PEFC certified, which works to promote sustainable forest management, and as new plant life then grows from the compost of J-Cloth® Plus Biodegradable, you are also helping to complete the biological material cycle. 

Keep an eye out for these logos when looking for sustainable options:


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