Creating a Generation of Cleaners: Have attitudes changes post-COVID

With the world still reeling from the impact of the coronavirus, many of us will be wondering how everyday habits will change once lockdown restrictions ease and we can get back to some sense of normality. Whether it’s wearing face masks when you’ve got a cough or washing your hands more regularly, ordinary people are now far more alert to cleanliness than they’ve ever been!

One element of COVID procedure that looks set to stay is our acute awareness of cleaning practises and how the way we clean matters – not just at home, but everywhere!

The global pandemic has turned most of us into cleaners, at work and at home, meaning we’re now more informed about how we clean and what we clean with. It’s no longer just the remit of janitorial staff and dedicated professionals.

At Harrison Wipes, we want to understand to what extent attitudes toward cleaning have really changed within the UK public and what the landscape will look like post-COVID. Because if we can learn from the last year and put our new-found lessons into practise more regularly, we can create cleaner, safer environments for everyone.

To do this, we surveyed the general public to understand their attitudes to cleaning at home, at work, and in the public, open spaces, and we've made that data available to you.

What to expect from our guide:

  • An understanding of the changing attitudes to cleaning
  • Insight in to what's now expected of cleaning meausures in public spaces
  • What you should be looking for when selecting your commercial cleaning solutions
  • A breakdown of the EN Standards you need to be aware of for SARS-CoV-2


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