Your Office May Be Breeding Bacteria

19 Jan 2017

Did you know your office may be a breeding ground for bacteria?

Whilst your office may look clean on the surface, high levels of bacteria can be found on keyboards, telephones, desks, water coolers, door handles and hand-sets. These bacteria can spread, causing illnesses.

Incorporating a comprehensive range of hygiene practices can help ensure bacteria levels are reduced, helping to increase employee productivity and reduce absenteeism by reducing the spread of bacteria, colds and flu to an absolute minimum.

Research from Bloomberg News (2016) found that up to 50% of employees still come into work despite feeling ill and displaying symptoms, which means they are spreading potentially harmful bacteria throughout the workplace. [1].

Further research has shown that 61% of employees eat their lunch at their desks every day. With high levels of bacteria already present, there are detrimental risks to food safety and the spread of bacteria. [2].

Chicopee® Microfibre Light traps and holds 99.998% of bacteria from surfaces without the use of chemicals. Chicopee Microfibre Light has been designed as a short term use microfibre and has been externally tested to effective remove MRSA and C.Diff.

Regular cleaning and wiping of desks, door handles, computer mice and keyboards with Chicopee® Microfibre Light could dramatically reduce the number of harmful bacteria present in an employee’s immediate work area. One workplace study from the BBC News showed that when employees were told to regularly clean their desks, bacteria levels fell by 99%. [3].

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