What are Non-Woven Wipes?

11 Feb 2016

Non-Woven Cloths and Wipes

In order to make every day cleaning tasks more efficient, we use non-woven material to manufacture our cleaning cloths and wipes.

We are the UK’s leading non-woven cloth supplier providing high quality, cost effective cleaning and wiping cloths. Founded in 1891, we have 125 years of marketplace experience and knowledge of non-woven material which ensures we only offer cloths that are fit for purpose.

What are non-wovens?

Non-wovens are fabric-like material made from long fibres bonded together by chemical, mechanical, heat or solvent treatment.

Non-woven fabric can be defined simply as a fabric that is produced by a variety of processes other than weaving and knitting.

The non-woven fabric properties depends on the following particulars:

  • The choice of fibres
  • The bonding process and bonding agent
  • Technology which determines how the fibres are to be arranged

Depending on your application requirement, will depend on the base products used such as viscose, pulp or polyester. For example non-wovens made with polyester possess the positives of strength, high absorbency and elasticity.

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