The Importance of Microfibre Cloths in Cleaning

02 Aug 2016

Offering both woven and non-woven, our microfibre cloths can be used in almost any environment from restaurants, hotels and cleaning companies to schools, offices and manufacturing.

Capable of tackling the toughest of cleaning challenges, microfibres are perfect to clean glass, stainless steel and ceramic surfaces streak and scratch free. This is because microfibre cloths are made from tiny fibres that help to trap and hold dirt, bacteria and dust efficiently removing these particles from surfaces.  It is this unique structure which also ensures microfibre cloths are low-linting, an instrumental feature for critical area cleaning and non-contaminate wiping.

Mechanical Cleaning Action
The composition of microfibre easily allows the cloths to collect and trap dust and dirt. This is because the tiny, positively charged, microscopic fibres, which make up the microfibre cloth, actively work as a team to sweep away dirt.

These tiny fibres easily attach themselves to dust and dirt specks which carry a negative charge; following the physics principle where positively charged objects attract negatively charged objects.

The dirt then stays locked inside the cloth’s fibres until washed in hot water, which makes the fibres loosen their grip on the dirt and release the contents.

It is also this mechanical cleaning action, of the positive charge, which allows the user to effectively remove dirt and bacteria from surfaces without necessarily using chemicals. When used dry, microfibres act like a dust magnet due to the positively charged fibres and when used damp the fibres become fierce scrubbers; easily tackling the toughest grime.

Strong and Durable
Not only are microfibre cloths incredibly soft, they are also extremely strong and durable. This is because microfibres contain thousands of “loops” per square inch. High quality microfibre cloths have upwards of 200,000 strands of fibre per square inch of material. This high density of fibres results in a fabric that is durable enough to withstand multiple washes. Therefore Harrison Wipes micofibres are also an ideal cost-effective alternative to paper towels and other cloths available on the market.

The small fibres also enable microfibre cloths to safely clean gentle surfaces which would otherwise be scratched by more invasive cleaning methods; such as eyeglasses and electronic screens including TVs, mobiles and tablets and laptops and computer monitors without leaving smudges, scratches or lint on the screen.

Cross-Contamination Prevention

Our microfibre cloths are available in four different colours so a colour-coding system can be implemented for specific uses.  As research advances, it has become certain that bacteria and pathogens can be transferred and spread between surfaces. Therefore cross-contamination prevention is critical for the majority of organisations; which is of principle importance in both healthcare and food service environments where infection control is imperative.

The risk of cross-contamination, and subsequent consequences, can be significantly reduced through the implementation of a consistent and comprehensive colour-coded wiping system.

Our colour-coded microfibres easily identify visual confirmation of use in different departments and surface areas. For instance, in bathrooms, red cloths can be used for toilets and yellow cloths for sinks. Or in food service areas, green cloths can be used for handling uncooked foods and blue cloths for cooked foods.

Green Cleaning Alternative

Because of the unique structure of microfibre cloths, they will ultimately save water and chemical usage during the cleaning process as they are so efficient at picking up and eliminating dust, dirt and bacteria from surfaces.

Microfibre cloths are changing the way we clean as they are reusable and highly resilient, reducing costs and wastage from paper towels and other disposable cleaning products.

The powerful microscopic fibres are able to absorb high volumes of liquid at an increased speed, similar to a sponge, remove dust better than a feather duster and comfortably clean more effectively than a paper towel.

Easy to use, strong, durable and re-usable, our microfibre cloths are the perfect tool for almost any cleaning task, helping you to speed through your cleaning in no time at all.