Colour Code to Reduce Cross-Contamination

05 Jul 2016

The importance of colour-coding in food hygiene practices is becoming increasingly important.

By using different colours of wiping cloth; blue, green, red, yellow and white will give you colour coded segregation whether you are a restaurant, takeaway or contract caterer.

Harmful bacteria can be transferred between surfaces and areas which can cause food poisoning. This bacterial transfer is called cross-contamination.

Did you know? There are 1.5 million cases of food poising reported each year in the UK.

So how can you use colour coded wipes to help you?

The 5 colours of wiping cloths provide you with the opportunity to set up a specific cleaning system where each colour has specific cleaning area and application.

This system can help to ensure that the wipes are not used in multiple areas, reducing the risk of cross-contamination and transfer of harmful bacteria.

Developing your own colour coded control system as part of a comprehensive cleaning solution can greatly increase your hygiene levels and business success.

You can use the advisory colour coded system for a restaurant to help you get started:


General restaurant areas e.g. tables, trays etc…


Washrooms, floors and toilets


Disinfection of kitchen appliances e.g. ovens, knives etc...


Kitchen and food preparation areas


General cleaning