Low Lint Automotive Wipes

20 Apr 2016

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Low Lint Automotive Wiping Solutions from Harrison Wipes®

Founded in 1891, Harrison Wipes® specialise in low lint and anti-static wipes, created especially for automotive manufacturing and refinishing. We understand the requirements of precision cleaning which is why we supply a comprehensive range of reliable wiping solutions to meet the needs of your business. From absorbent, strong and durable wipes for rigorous cleaning to low linting, soft textured wipes ideal for cleaning delicate surfaces, tools, machinery and hands.

As our low lint wipes leave surfaces lint free after cleaning, they are ideal for use where contaminant control is essential such as cleaning and preparing surfaces prior to painting, or removing sealer.

Additionally Harrison Wipes® low lint wipes are absorbent, easily wiping away solvents, grease and oil without falling apart in use. Plus they are solvent free and safe to use with a variety of paint technologies.

To provide you with maximum cleaning efficiency, our automotive cleaning and wiping range features rolled and folded formats, as well as handy dispenser boxes to protect cloths from the external environment. Our automotive low lint wipes are also available in different weights, textures and colours depending on your application requirements.

Premium Sontara® wipes are strong, low linting and work well with a variety of cleaners, so you can get the job done right, the first time, leading to greater productivity and lower cost.

Own brand Easi-Wipes® Strong Range remains durable even when wet, allowing you to clean effortlessly. The wipes easily remove grease, dirt, wax, sanding dust, and other contaminants leaving a clean surface.

Chicopee® Duster anti-static wipes are low linting and silicone free. Containing a special pressure sensitive tackifier, the wipes trap dust effectively without leaving residue on surfaces or hands. They are best suited to any environment where static and contaminant control are essential. Our anti-static wipes are tested in accordance to NFPA 99, IST 40.2 standards.