125 Years of Wipes

15 Mar 2016

We were founded in 1891 by present Owner and Managing Director's great grandfather, Saul D Harrison.

We provide a comprehensive range of non-woven cleaning and wiping solutions. Covering all aspects of cleaning and hygiene from every day maintenance tasks to deep cleaning. 

Stephen Harrison said: “We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service, outstanding delivery times and product innovation.

The company’s success has been underpinned by the ability to meet the changing needs of our customers. We look forward to the next 125 years.”

1891 Facts of the Month 

FA Cup
In the FA Cup Quarter Final in English Association Football, a goal is deliberately stopped by handball on the goal line.

An indirect free kick is awarded, since the penalty kick, proposed the previous year by William McCrum, has not yet been implemented.

This event probably changed the public opinion on the penalty kick, seen previously as ‘an Irishman’s motion’.

Driest Month on EWP Record
February of 1891 is the driest month on record in the EWP (England and Wales Precipitation) series with an average rainfall of only 3.6mm (0.14in).